B Arch [Hons] RMIT, AIA, MAIPM


Matthew Dwyer is an intuitive, Award-winning Architect, based in Victoria, Australia. Since 2005, he has lead a team of committed creatives as Director of Y2Architecture. Together, they help hundreds of clients around Australia realise their design dreams and create ‘community’, using a unique blend of industry insight, ingenuity and vision. Thinking conceptionally, Matt understands the importance of the ‘big idea’ and the significance of delivering ‘the message’ through design.
Equipped with a Bachelor of Architecture Honours (RMIT), and almost twenty years of experience as a registered Architect, Matt is considered an industry go-to by his colleagues and clients, alike. Well received within the Industry, Matt’s teams and projects have been internationally and nationally recognised in the areas of ‘design innovation’ and ‘Environmental Sustainable Design’.
Matt has widespread involvement with planners in a range of settings including commercial, educational, residential, health and institutional projects. This has enabled him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the potential of architecture to transcend physical barriers and inspire communication. Matt enjoys working with colleagues who are equally driven to resolve design problems through reimagining the relationship between space and form. He regularly utilises new technologies to support state-of-the-art solutions.

Matt fosters a culture of collaboration, which is both a key ‘process’ and ‘outcome’ for his team. He values the input of his clients and colleagues during the design process. Matt has expertise in client brief development, feasibility studies, master planning and sustainable design. When seeking a built form solution, he seeks inspiration from his client’s ethos, the climatic and site conditions and from recognizing how the outcome can influence the broader community.
Known for his design integrity, Matt’s mission is to create sustainable people-centered design outcomes that exceed the expectation of his clients. Using an integrated approach to architecture, he focuses not just on the design and structure but on the sustainable use and experience of a building. Through connecting ‘built form’ with the environment, Matt is continually surprised and empowered by the capacity of architecture to encourage user participation and connection. His work doesn’t just build structures - it builds community.

A natural design thinker, Matt solves complex design problems with curiosity, creativity and a good dose of common sense. He draws upon his broad experiences to contextualise a solution that instils confidence in his clients. Planning with precision and foresight, his intuitive approach ensures a deep level of brief development, client and stakeholder engagement and project satisfaction.
Matt understands the value of ‘professional maintenance’ in order to habitually stay on top of cutting-edge trends and developments. As such, he is an active Member of the Australian Institute of Architects and a Member of the Association of Learning Environments, regularly facilitating large group workshops, as well as mentoring emerging architects.

In 2017 Matt was awarded the Architect Registration Board of Victoria’s Architectural Service Award, a prestigious award given to a single Architect each year who demonstrates exemplar service within the industry.
Matt is a passionate advocate of sustainable living with an interest in community-orientated projects. When he is not behind the drawing board, Matt is probably outside practicing his Micro farming skills and sharing the results with his family and friends.