Devla Kabas is an industrious Architectural Technician, based in Victoria, Australia. With over ten years’ experience in both public and private Education sectors, she is devoted to delivering education buildings where design excellence and economic mindfulness go hand-in-hand. Currently, Devla is a Project Leader at Y2 Architecture, where she helps solve design problems using her unique ability to think both creatively and pragmatically. Her designs don’t just see ‘soil’ being shifted. She has witnessed how carefully considered design can ‘shift mindsets’, as well as excite and transform the way communities evolve through space and time.

Growing up in eclectic Richmond, Devla developed a deep appreciation for built forms, environmental connection and cultural presence within communities from an early age. These days, she is equipped with an Advanced Diploma of Building Design (RMIT). Devla is skilled across diverse platforms of presentation, conceptual modelling and documentation programme, which ensures production outcomes adhere to industry standards. For Devla, Architecture is a culmination of her inherent skills. Creativity collides with considered thinking so that design problems and constraints can be solved with her resourceful and practical design approach. She draws on her strong visual presentation skills to generate 3D interactive documents that support the design process and improve her client’s understanding of space and form. Devla is at her happiest when she is navigating complex client briefs, budgets, documentation strategies and project constraints to achieve innovative and thoughtful architecture.

Known for her authentic approach, Devla is genuinely connected to the projects and people she works with. She is excited by being a change-maker in the lives of her clients (specifically students and staff) and she prides herself on listening intently to understand both the current and future needs of each individual school community. As a result of her end-to-end involvement and inclusivity, strong client relationships are formed and high quality educational learning environment transformations take place. Devla’s strong appreciation of design, materials and craftsmanship is innate.

When she is not using her design skills to create meaningful spaces, she is probably undertaking design projects of her own including automotive panel restoration, painting, or furniture restoration/construction (reupholstering, sewing, sketching, painting). A lover of new experiences, she has even tried her hand at pottery, concrete sculpturing and welding!